Rich People Who Turned Themselves Into Plastic


Top 10 of the richest people who turned into barbie dolls

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Beloved 90’s band Aqua once sang “life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” Not ones to doubt the true life message of Aqua, we at TheHub decided to investigate ten people who spend tons of money on plastic surgery. Calling someone a cartoon character might not seem very nice, but for Pixee Fox, it’s quite the compliment. She’s gone as far as having six ribs removed just to look more like Jessica Rabbit. There are a number of women out there who never grew out of their Barbie obsession, and dropped huge sums of money to look like everyone’s favorite plastic doll. Nanette Hammond is a mother of five, but not only has she spent half a million dollars on surgery, but she also treated herself to a bright pink convertible-just like Barbie’s!

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